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Through the eyes of another.

Enliven develops VR experiences that enable users to actually feel what another person feels. To see what they see. And hear what they hear. Users experience what it’s like to be discriminated against, for example. Or how it feels to be bullied. Thanks to virtual experiences like these people are able to feel more compassion for others. Understanding each other is the starting point for real behavioral change.


We created a series of commercials on a variety of social subjects.

Dutch versions:

English versions:

Domestic violence – we know that it persists in all countries and layers of society. It has a devastating impact on children that can last into adulthood. Enliven created a VR experience that puts users in the shoes of a kid seeing his parents fight. An intense, but effective way to let parents see and feel what they’re doing to their children.


“If you really feel how a child feels

then a solution is closer than you think.


Stop complex divorces.

Request a free VR-demo at”

Workplace bullying is a big problem that is largely being ignored. Together with partner Google Enliven created a VR experience that enables bullies to feel what it feels like to be bullied. A very effective way to come closer to a solution.


“If you really feel what it feels to be bullied

then a solution is closer than you think.


Prevent workplace bullying.

Request a free VR-demo at”

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