We create brands that people actually care about.

And Now This is a brand building agency. We help new and existing  businesses to stand for something that resonates in people's hearts. Working closely together with founders and brand leaders,

we develop purposeful, strategic visions for their business. 

Once the foundation is set, we'll build the brand on top of it.

Here's how we do it:

This is the starting point, the foundation.

In a strategy session, we'll shed a light on the Brand Purpose. It’s a brand’s deep understanding of why it exists and why people should care. It’s a fundamental attitude, a profound reason for being, a positive change which the brand wants to see in the world.

Brand Strategy

Brand Concept Development


We take the Brand Purpose and develop it into a Brand Concept. This is where the magic happens: we create the over-arching, big idea. We develop the brand story, the tone of voice and brand personality.



Building on top of the strategic foundation, we create names that people remember and that make the business stand out. 

Brand Identity

Brand identity describes the visual and verbal world of a brand: its name, logo, typefaces, color palette, illustration styles, photography, and messaging tone of voice. It's a visual expression of the brand's personality that should get the world talking.

Digital Design


Digital experiences are a brand's digital window displays. We design and build websites, web shops, apps, social media platforms or anything that's necessary to engage the consumer digitally.



When the brand has been created the next step is letting the world know. Here's where we launch, re-launch and grow the brand. We let the world know what the brand stands for and create an emotional bond: a special place in people's hearts. We develop and produce campaigns that people want to engage with, across every channel.

About us


And Now This is founded by Paul Bakker and Jeroen de Korte. Previously they were creative directors at, respectively, Karma NY and Publicis New York. Prior to that they worked at N=5, DDB and JWT Amsterdam. They worked with brands like Cadillac, Nike, Karma, Doctors of the World, Nestlé, KPN, Alzheimer Foundation and Volkswagen, to name a few.


Collectively, their work has been awarded for both creativity and effectiveness, including Cannes Lions, Webbys, Clios, One Show, N/A Effies, Eurobest and ADCN awards.


Paul Bakker

Co-founder/Creative Director

Tamara Wezeman

Agency Producer

Jeroen de Korte

Co-founder/Creative Director