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Amsterdam, March 06, 2018

And Now This launches podcast on how to start

an agency.

Creative agency "And Now This", which launched late 2017, releases podcast series about how to start an agency. Speaking to founders of successful creative businesses around the world, "And Now This" founders Paul Bakker and Jeroen de Korte uncover inspirational stories. The first 5 episodes feature talks with Jeff Johnson (The Arrivals NYC), Steven van Wel (Karma NY) and Omar Kbiri (Maak Amsterdam), among others.

Jeroen de Korte & Paul Bakker. Founders And Now This.

Jeroen de Korte & Paul Bakker   (photo: Marc Haers)

After 14 years of working at ad agencies and tech startups in Amsterdam and New York City, creative director duo Paul and Jeroen have started "And Now This - an ideas agency". 

For aspiring creative entrepreneurs, any piece of advice you can get from someone who's been there before is like gold. Naturally, Paul and Jeroen started talking to the people who came before them. But instead of keeping that valuable information to themselves, they wanted to share it with the global creative community. Because in a world full of disposable content, they believe in creating something that is actually useful. Which is why they decided to launch a podcast:

The Untold Stories of Starting a Creative Agency. Podcast

In the podcast, hosts Paul and Jeroen talk to founders of successful and inspirational creative agencies and businesses around the world. To uncover their untold stories. 

They talk about topics such as how you actually start a creative business. What it takes to quit your job and take the leap. About the obstacles, the pros and cons and how to recognise the right opportunities. 

From left to right - Steven van Wel, Omar Kbiri, Jeff Johnson, Damon Versaggi and Andre Andreev.   (Photography: Paul Bakker)

In the first episodes, Paul and Jeroen travel to New York to speak with Jeff Johnson, founder and creative director of outdoor fashion label The Arrivals NYC, Andre Andreev, founder and director of film production and animation studio Dress Code NY and Damon Versaggi, founder of Scrappy Meals, a community that aims to reduce food waste. 


The hosts also sit down in Amsterdam with Steven van Wel, serial entrepreneur and founder of Karma NY and Omar Kbiri, founder of creative agency Maak.

The podcasts are recorded in English and Dutch and released monthly. To listen, visit or subscribe to the podcast to get the latest episodes. 

And Now This - The Untold Stories of Starting a Creative Agency 

is produced in collaboration with music production studio AMP.Amsterdam.

About And Now This

We are an ideas agency. We help brands to stand out by standing for something. By giving their vision a voice. And their opinion a personality.

We believe in giving people something useful. Something that makes their lives a tiny bit better. Creating communications that people actually want to see. Entertaining, engaging, surprising and highly impactful. We work in small, lean and scalable teams, bringing highly experienced professionals together for each project.

And Now This is founded by Paul Bakker and Jeroen de Korte. Previously they were creative directors at, respectively, Karma NY and Publicis New York. Prior to that they worked at N=5, DDB and JWT Amsterdam. They worked with brands like Cadillac, Karma, Doctors of the World, Marktplaats/Ebay, Alzheimer Foundation, Dutch Railways and Volkswagen, to name a few.
Collectively, their work has been awarded for both creativity and effectiveness, including Cannes Lions, Webbys, Clios, One Show, N/A Effies, Eurobest and ADCN awards.


And Now This - An Ideas Agency logo
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