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The Untold Stories of Starting a Creative Business.

Podcast #12:

Arie Boomsma

of Vondelgym

(Language: Dutch)

We zitten rond de tafel met Arie Boomsma, TV-personality, schrijver, fitness & health goeroe en mede-eigenaar van Vondelgym sportscholen. Na de eerste gym aan de Overtoom in Amsterdam West en de tweede in Oost, opende Arie in november de derde vestiging in 3 jaar tijd, op de Zuidas. 


Jeroen en Paul praten met Arie over hoe ergernis de beste drijfveer is voor oplossingen, over het fijne van rekeningen betalen en over Jane Fonda.

The Untold Stories of Starting a Creative Business.

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About the podcast

Early 2018, creative directors duo Paul Bakker and Jeroen de Korte launched creative agency And Now This. But how do you actually start a creative business? What are the watch-outs? What does it take to quit your job and get your own company up and running?


For aspiring creative entrepreneurs, any nugget of advice you can get from someone who's been there before is like gold. Naturally, Paul and Jeroen started talking to the people who came before them. But instead of keeping that valuable information to themselves, they wanted to share it with the global creative community. 

In the podcast, hosts Paul and Jeroen talk to founders of successful and inspirational creative agencies and businesses around the world. To uncover their untold stories. 

The podcasts are recorded in English and Dutch and released monthly.

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"The Untold Stories of Starting a Creative Business" is produced in collaboration with music production studio Antfood and Amp.Amsterdam.




Paul Bakker and Jeroen de Korte
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